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Rsync Files Across Server Through Ssh Tunnel

The scenario is: I can ssh to Server A and Server B, but A and B cannot connect to each other. In order tot rsync file across server A and B, ssh tunnel is needed: Firstly, set up reverse ssh tunnel to make it possible to ssh to local from Server A:

ssh -R 1999:localhost:22 A_user@<A>

Then on Server A, create ssh tunnel to server B via local computer:

ssh -f -N -L 2000:<B>:22 -p 1999 localuser@localhost

The command above creates ssh tunnel in background, so you have to bother killing it after finishing rsyncing. Finally, tell rsync to connect to localhost:2000 instead of :22:

rsync -rvP -e 'ssh -p 2000' dir/ B_user@localhost:/dir/